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Solitude IGR Feed Through Fly Preventive

by Zoetis
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Size: 6lb

Solitude IGR is an insect growth regulator that inhibits development of the exoskeleton in immature house and stable flies, preventing them from becoming adults. Solitude IGR is a feed through fly preventative which, when mixed 1/2 ounce into a horse’s ration daily, will prevent house and stable flies in and around horses, horse barns, stables, paddocks and race tracks. Greatly reduces the need for pesticide sprays and overhead fly systems creating a healthier environment for horses, staff and riders. Significant results may be observed within 2 weeks with full benefits realized within 4-6 weeks of administration as adult populations die off. 6 pound pail.

  • Feed-through fly preventative for horses that helps controls house and stable flies that develop in horse manure
  • Insect growth regulator stops flies before they start
  • Reduces the need for pesticide sprays

This product has been EPA approved.  EPA Registration Number: 1007-93.

Instructions: Daily Dosage: Using 1/2 oz. scoop supplied with the product, mix one (1) scoop of Solitude IGR in the horse's ration every day. Alternate Day Dosage: Using 1/2 oz. scoop supplied with the product, mix two (2) scoops of Solitude IGR in the horse's ration every other day. Solitude IGR will provide a high degree of fly control and will give the best results when integrated with a well-managed fly control program which includes determining the degree of fly control desired, minimizing fly breeding sites, monitoring adult fly populations in and around the operation; and frequent examinations of manure for maggot activity. To maximize the effectiveness of Solitude IGR, horses must be individually fed with no group or trough feeding.

Cyromazine: N-Cyclopropyl-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine 2.12%, other ingredients 97.88%. Inactive Ingredients: alfalfa, wheat shorts and molasses (feed blend); Mycocurb (feed preservative).