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EquiOtic EQP-1 Daily Feed Packets for Horses

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Size: 30ct

EquiOtic is an innovative live, equine sourced immunoprobiotic that combines the benefits of Lactobacillus reuteri with Saccharomyces boulardii to offer horse owners a powerhouse first line defense for the gastrointestinal tract. The hind gut requires a balance of beneficial bacteria for healthy function. That balance can easily be disrupted by stress, surgery, hospitalization, disease, training, travel or dietary changes. EquiOtic is an important daily tool in supporting the gastrointestinal system of the horse. Ideal for normalizing foals' GI health. Equiotic EQP-1 Daily Feed Packets provide daily gastrointestinal support with 10 billion CFU's of equine sourced reuteri and Saccharomyces boulardii, more active ingredient than any competitor in a daily support and maintenance dose. With a flavor horses love, administration is easy. Foil packed for ensured life. 30 packets per box. (30 day supply.) 


Administer to horses orally. Store in a cool, dry place not exceeding 70 degrees F.

  Foal Horse
Daily Maintenance ½ - 1 packet 1 packet
Diarrhea/disease 1-2 packets 2-4 times per day 2-4 packets 2-4 times a day
Trailering/High Stress 1-2 packets 3-4 days before and after the event 2-4 packets for 3-4 days before and during the event
Vaccinations: 1-2 packets for at least 3-4 days before administration 2-4 packets for at least 3-4 days before administration
Hospitalization: 1-2 Packets daily 2-4 Packets daily
Deworming: 1-2 packets the day before, during and the day after

2-4 packets the day before, during and the day after