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DL Methionine is most commonly used as a urinary acidifier for dogs and cats.


  • Used to acidify the urine.
  • May reduce formation of certain urinary stones.

Consult with your veterinarian for proper dosage and course of treatment.


Methionine is contraindicated in patients with severe renal or pancreatic disease. If used in patients with severe hepatic disease, methionine can cause increased production of mercaptan-like compounds and intensify the signs of hepatic encephalopathy or coma. Methionine should not be given to animals with preexisting acidosis (eg, diabetic ketoacidosis) or with oxalate or urate calculi. It is not recommended for use in kittens


Use of methionine in combination with a urinary acidifying diet is not recommended.

Food and Drug Interactions

At recommended dosages, GI distress can occur; give with food or divide into multiple meals to alleviate this effect.

Human Warnings

Keep away from children.

Possible Side Effects

Vomiting and ataxia are the most common clinical signs of overdose in dogs. Vomiting may occur at doses as low as 22.5 mg/kg. At higher doses (300 mg/kg), vocalization, tremors, hypermetria, tremors, and disorientation may occur. Methionine may be toxic to kittens that consume food in which methionine has been added. When methionine was administered at a dose of 2 g/kg PO daily to mature cats, anorexia, methemoglobinemia, Heinz-body formation (with resultant hemolytic anemia), ataxia, and cyanosis were noted. An ingestion of 20 grams/cat (NOT mg/kg) is likely to be fatal without treatment.4 Metabolic acidosis may occur with overdoses in any species, particularly in combination with an acidifying diet.

Contact your veterinarian if you believe your pet is experiencing side effects.

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Stored at room temperature.


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