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Dermoscent Bio Balm for Dogs

by Aventix
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Size: 50mL

Dermoscent Bio Balm is an organic and 100% plant based formula specifically designed for dogs to maintain the suppleness and moisture of a balanced skin while providing a sensation of comfort upon application. Boosted with highly concentrated nourishing elements with a waterproof texture, Dermoscent Bio Balm offers a maximum of efficacy with a minimum of quantity per application. Easy to apply and fast to absorb, Dermoscent Bio Balm leaves no greasy stains. Mineral oil and preservative-free, its organic composition includes soya oil and essential oil of cajputi. Rich in essential fatty acids, Dermoscent Bio Balm replenishes even the driest skin such as elbows, nose and pads. Thanks to its purifying and soothing properties, Dermoscent Bio Balm also supports interdigital comfort. 

  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Essential oils and essential fatty acids
  • Organic-certified formulation
  • Indispensible for the pressure point calluses 
  • Perfect against cracks and dryness of the nose
  • Ideal for care of the paws before and after hunting or long walks in cold or hot weather

Instructions: Dermoscent Bio Balm is suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile. Apply two or three times a day on to skin (make sure it is dry and clean), or as often as necessary. A daily application is highly recommended during the period of intensive physical activities of the animal (working dogs, sporting dogs, hunting and sled racing).


 Essential oil of Cajputi, palm and soya oils, natural soothing and healing agents. Preservative-free organic formula.