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Mometamax Otic Suspension for Dogs

by Merck

This item requires prescription approval.

Prescription medications are currently limited to CA residents. More states coming soon!!

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Size: 7.5g

Mometamax is indicated for the treatment of otitis externa in dogs caused by susceptible strains of yeast and bacteria

  • Once-daily, triple-combination treatment applied for 7 days for mild to moderate cases of otitis externa
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal
  • Treats ear infections caused by bacteria or fungus while also relieving inflammation in the ear

Consult with your veterinarian for proper dosage and course of treatment.


For Otic Use in Dogs Only

The use of these components has been associated with deafness or partial hearing loss in a small number of sensitive dogs (eg, geriatric). The hearing deficit is usually temporary. If hearing or vestibular dysfunction is noted during the course of treatment, discontinue use of MOMETAMAX Otic Suspension immediately and flush the ear canal thoroughly with a nonototoxic solution.

Corticosteroids administered to dogs, rabbits, and rodents during pregnancy have resulted in cleft palate in offspring. Other congenital anomalies including deformed forelegs, phocomelia, and anasarca have been reported in offspring of dogs that received corticosteroids during pregnancy.

Field and experimental data have demonstrated that corticosteroids administered orally or parenterally to animals may induce the first stage of parturition if used during the last trimester of pregnancy and may precipitate premature parturition followed by dystocia, fetal death, retained placenta, and metritis.


Before instilling any medication into the ear, examine the external ear canal thoroughly to be certain the tympanic membrane is not ruptured in order to avoid the possibility of transmitting infection to the middle ear as well as damaging the cochlea or vestibular apparatus from prolonged contact.

Administration of recommended doses of MOMETAMAX Otic Suspension beyond 7 days may result in delayed wound healing.

If overgrowth of nonsusceptible bacteria or fungi occurs, treatment should be discontinued and appropriate therapy instituted.

Avoid ingestion. Adverse systemic reactions have been observed following the oral ingestion of some topical corticosteroid preparations. Patients should be closely observed for the usual signs of adrenocorticoid overdose which include sodium retention, potassium loss, fluid retention, weight gain, polydipsia, and/or polyuria. Prolonged use or overdosage may produce adverse immunosuppressive effects.

Use of corticosteroids, depending on dose, duration, and specific steroid, may result in endogenous steroid production inhibition following drug withdrawal. In patients presently receiving or recently withdrawn from corticosteroid treatments, therapy with a rapidly acting corticosteroid should be considered in especially stressful situations.

Food and Drug Interactions

Make sure to tell your veterinarian all the medications and supplements your pet takes before starting new medication.

Human Warnings

Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children

Possible Side Effects

The following clinical signs were reported during the course of clinical field studies for animals recieving this medication: decreased or loss of appetite, decreased activity and vomiting. The following signs were reported in less than 1% of cases: increased thirst, soft stool/diarrhea, behavioral changes, shivering/shaking/ tremors, and ataxia

Contact your veterinarian if you believe your pet is experiencing side effects.

Product Administration


Product Form



gentamicin sulfate, equivalent to 3 mg gentamicin base; mometasone furoate monohydrate equivalent to 1 mg mometasone furoate; and 10 mg clotrimazole, in a mineral oil-based system containing a plasticized hydrocarbon gel.


Store between 36° and 77°F. Shake well before use.



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