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Xxterra Herbal Paste for Animals

by Vetline
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Size: 1oz

Xxterra is a topical formulation of bloodroot and zinc chloride for veterinary use in the removal of abnormal equine skin tissue

Xxterra Herbal Paste for Immune Stimulation alters the antigenicity of a sarcoid to stimulate the host's immune system and result in an immune rejection reaction of the sarcoid. XXterra is an herbal formulation of bloodroot powder and zinc chloride solution, combined and stirred into a smooth brown paste. Bloodroot contains sanguinarine, chelarathrine and protopine, all of which are alkaloids. Zinc chloride promotes inflammation of the sarcoid’s surface and, with the alkaloids, alters the sarcoid cells so they become antigenic to the host. Up to 20% of sarcoids may return within 60 days after removal, but a second treatment with XXterra is usually effective. The less then 2% which return a third time, usually do not recur following a final treatment. Severe reaction on sarcoids with scar formation is to be expected. 1 oz. jar.

Instructions: Always use as directed by your veterinarian.  Read all label inofrmation before use.  

Apply XXterra (3-5 mm thick layer) to the sarcoid daily for 4-6 days.  When a swelling or superficial wound appears, stop applying.  If the process stops, reapply XXterra for a couple of days.  Let the scab fall off by itself.

Bandaging: Apply XXterra (3-5 mm thick layer) to the sarcoid and put on a bandage.  Check site ater 4 days.  Repeat if necessary.

In up to 20% of the cases the sarcoid will reappear, and it will be necessary to repeat the process.  In these cases, start the application again immediately.  Less than 2% of the sarcoids reappear after the final application.

Do not allow XXterra to come into contact with the conjunctiva: damage to the eye may be caused.

XXterra dries out the skin: wear gloves to apply it.

For animal use only.

Bloodroot (Sanquinara Canadensis), Zinc Chloride, Water.