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Standard Quick Muzzle

Original price $10.59 - Original price $12.99
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$10.59 - $12.99
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Size: XS

The Standard Quick Muzzle is perfect for common, regular snouted, breeds. Constructed of durable water and dirt resistant nylon pack cloth for years of use. Webbing reinforced construction is designed with safety in mind. Adjustable straps with a durable quick-release plastic buckle for fast, efficient muzzle closure. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Quick Muzzle is for supervised, short-term use to reduce the risk of bites. A muzzle is to be used with another method of restraint, with the animal handler holding the ultimate responsibility for safe control. With a proper, snug fit, the animal's ability to pant is reduced, which could compromise the animal's cooling system. Under certain conditions, this could produce a life-threatening situation.

Instructions:  Adust the strap to approximate fit.  Working from behind the dog's head, hold the side straps and slip the muzzle over the snout.  Position the straps under the ears.  Snap the buckle and pull the loose strap tight for a secure fit.  

Sizing Guide:

Size End of Snout Approximate Weight
X small 4.5 inches 5-10 lbs
small 5.5 inches 10-25 lbs
med 6.5 inches 25-45 lbs
large 7.5 inches 45-60 lbs
X large 8.5 inches 60-80 lbs

The most accurate way to find a comfortable, yet secure fit, is to measure the circumference of the end of the snout.