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Quest Plus Equine Gel Dewormer

by Quest
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Size: 14.4gm

Quest Plus Gel is for the treatment and control of large and small strongyles, encyted cyathostomes, ascarids, pinworms, hairworms, large mouth stomach worms, stomach bots and tapeworms. 1 syringe 14.4 grams.

    • Dewormer for oral use in horses and ponies 6 months of age or older
    • FDA-approved product kills encysted small strongyles and tapeworms in a single tube, fewer doses means less stress on your horse
    • FDA-approved to suppress production of small strongyle eggs for 12 weeks/84 days
    • FDA approved for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating mares.

Instructions: Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism. Quest Plus Equine Oral Gel is specially formulated as a palatable gel which is easily administered to horses and ponies. QUEST PLUS Gel is packaged in ready-to-use SURE-DIAL syringes. The syringe is calibrated in 50-pound increments, up to 1250 pounds. This enables the administration of the recommended dose level by choosing a setting consistent with the animal’s weight.

20 mg moxidectin/ml (2.0% w/v) and 125 mg praziquantel/ml (12.5% w/v).