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Skunk-Off Shampoo

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Size: 8oz

Skunk-Off Shampoo penetrates your pet's coat to remove skunk smell, while still being gentle on the skin. Skunk-Off Shampoo chemically removes skunk odor instead of masking it and is usually effective with just a single treatment.

  • Mild shampoo removes the skunk spray from your pet's hair

  • Contains no bacteria, enzymes, or oxidizers

  • Formulated with the ingredients of a tearless, baby shampoo plus the original Skunk-Off liquid

Instructions: Shake bottle before using. Wipe off excess skunk spray and then saturate the entire area with Skunk Off paying particular attention to the area of the direct hit. Work in thoroughly. Be sure to apply to eye lids, mouth and in between toes. Thoroughly rinse animal and dry. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary.

Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.