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No Flap Ear Wrap

by VetOne
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Size: S
Style: Green Pinpoint Mesh

No Flap Ear Wrap / S-XL

No Flap Ear Wrap is designed to protect your pet's ears.  Because pet's ears are delicate and vascular, it can take weeks or longer to get an ear injury to heal because of the persistent ear flapping.  This repetitive motion tends to reopen the injury by forcing blood down the already compromised tissue.  The No Flap Ear Wrap is designed with a skeletal system sewn in including a strong plastic spine to stop the wrap from sliding back.  This keeps the ears isolated and protected while they heal.

Sizing Chart:

Size Neck Length Collar Circumference
X-Small 5"-7" 10"-14"
Small 6"-8" 13"-17"
Small/Medium 7"-9" 15"-19"
Medium 8"-10" 17"-22"
Large 10"-12" 18"-23"
X-Large 12"-14" 21"-26"

Please measure carefully as improper measurements can result in the No Flap Ear Wrap sliding down the neck and exposing the ears.


  • Aural Hematomas
  • Nicks and tears to earflap
  • Post surgical healing
  • Chronic itching and scratching
  • Cheat grass / Foxtail prevention
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Crate ear protection

Measuring Instructions:

Place the start of the measuring tape in the middle of the forehead above the eyes.  Measure back between the ears and stop where the collar rests naturally on the back to determine length. Measure snugly around the neck to determine neck size. 

Instructions: Custom Fit Instructions


The spines are are accessed from the top (Front) of the wrap.  They are found in the two pockets that run front to back or top to bottom.  They determine the length. 

There is elastic sewn in the center of the pockets that will allow for two inches of shrinkage in the length if necessary.  We suggest cutting 1/2 inch at a time, fitting the dog after each trimming. After you determine the proper length please round off the sharp edges and push the pieces back down in the pockets folding the flap over and re-sealing the velcro.

Cinch Strap or Bridge:

This piece will snug up behind ears.  This piece provides two inches in adjustment.  One side is sewn to the hat and the other side is to be attached to small velcro piece on the opposite side.

Collar Piece:

The collar attaches around the dog's neck.  This piece can be adjusted 5 inches depending upon the size of the dog's neck.  The extra soft velcro tab can be trimmed off if your dog has a very narrow neck.

Right and Left Flaps:

These attach under the dog's face.  There are also up to 5 inches that can be adjusted to fit the dog with a narrow face or a dog with a full face.  The extra soft velcro can be trimmed off if necessary. After you have made the adjustments for a custom fit, the best way to attach the No Flap Ear Wrap is by attaching the collar piece first.  Then attach the side flaps under the chin followed by the cinch strap behind the ears. The wrap should fit with the center of the ears lined up with the seam running up the side.  Your dog's ears can be left in their natural position. We suggest being able to fit two fingers side be side underneath the collar after it is tightened.  Same suggestion for attaching around the face.

If unsure about how to fit your No Flap Ear Wrap, please contact your veterinarian for further information.

Please contact your veterinarian if you have questions concerning measurements.