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KlearOtic Ear Cleanser for Dogs & Cats

by Dechra
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Size: 4oz

KlearOtic is a gentle, easy-to-use ear cleanser for both dogs and cats. KlearOtic effectively washes earwax and debris from your pet's ear and can be used routinely in grooming regimen. The ingredient squalene is a natural organic ceruminolytic used to break down waxy build up of cerumen.

  • Gentle ear cleanser for routine use in cats and dogs

  • Removes debris from ears infested with ear mites

  • Non-irritating, non-acid cleanser emulsifies wax

Instructions: Fill ear canal with KlearOtic and gently massage for several minutes.  Excess may be removed with cotton or paper towel.  Can also use a bulb syringe to flush gently and thoroughly with warm water, then dry by blotting.

Squalene 22%.