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AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips

by Zoetis
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Size: 50ct
The AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Test Strips is an easy way to monitor blood sugar levels and manage your pet's diabetes at home. The pet glucose test strips provide accurate results in seconds. 
  • Compatible with the AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Meter
  • Validated for both dogs & cats
  • Test strip results are displayed on the screen stored in the meter's memory
  • Angled sample area makes it easy to position the target area on your pet to the blood drop
  • Sample tab is designed to break the meniscus of the blood sample for fast wicking
  • Designed to ensure maximum comfort for your pet
  • Measures blood in mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter of blood)
  • Automatically turns the meter on and off for quicker testing

Each box of AlphaTRAK 3 Glucose Test Strips contains 50 pet diabetic test strips.