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AlphaTRAK 3 Starter Kit

by Zoetis
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AlphaTrak 3 blood glucose monitoring system for cats and dogs suffering from diabetes.

This model builds on previous AlphaTrak monitoring systems and now includes a new mobile app enabling seamless, simplified communication and sharing of a pet’s glucose data and additional information with the veterinary practice in real-time for enhanced diabetic pet care.

Kit Includes:

  • AlphaTrak 3 Pet Glucose Monitor
  • AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips, 50 Count
  • AlphaTRAK Lancets, 30 Count
  • Lancing device
  • AlphaTRAK 3 Control Solution
  • Pet Diabetes Diary
  • User Guides and Carrying Case

You can only use the new AlphaTRAK 3 test strips with this meter.


Features of the AlphaTRAK 3 Pet Glucose Monitor Starter Kit:

  • Calibrated for both cats & dogs
  • Easy-to-use 3-step process delivers accurate results in seconds
  • AlphaTRAK patented technology requires the world's smallest blood sample only 0.3 µL (microliters)
  • Can use capillary blood, ensuring no venous puncture is needed
  • Designed to ensure maximum comfort for your pet
  • Measures pet's blood in mg/dL (extended testing range of 20-750 mg/dL)
  • Features an auto on/off feature for faster testing