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Summer Games Electrolyte Powder

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Size: 5lb

Summer Games is a unique blend of both electrolytes and trace minerals specifically formulated to replenish critical electrolytes in the proper ratios. Summer Games supports healthy electrolyte balance so horses stay hydrated, perform at optimal levels, and recover faster after exercise or in stressful situations. 5 lbs.

  • Adjustable serving rates allow you to easily meet your horse's individual electrolyte needs
  • Affordable price allows you to consistently replenish key electrolytes in appropriate ratios
  • Concentrated formula ensures your horse receives both critical electrolytes and trace minerals, not sugar and other fillers
  • Unique ingredients support optimal performance and speedy recovery during exercise or stressful situations


Summer Games Electrolyte supplementation is recommended for:

  • Any performance horse or pony that sweats, even mildly, during exercise
  • Overweight, idle horses or ponies that sweat a lot, though not in work
  • Horses and ponies that live in hot, humid environments
  • Horses or ponies that sweat during stressful events such as transportation or relocation
  • Equine athletes that continue to work hard through the winter months
  • Horses or ponies living in cold climates to stimulate drinking

Always provide access to clean, fresh water when supplementing electrolytes. Do not offer electrolytes to a horse that is unable or unwilling to drink water without first consulting a veterinarian.

1 scoop = 1 oz of Summer Games Electrolyte

Summer Games can be used as a daily supplement. Because of its concentrated formula it is easy to adjust the level of supplementation to meet your horse's individual needs. The amount of supplementation will depend on the level of work and the intensity of the heat and humidity the horse is working in.

Level of work Normal
Humid Environment
Rest 0 1
Light Work 1 1-2
Moderate Work 2 2-3
Heavy Work 3





Each 1-oz serving of Summer Games provides: Calcium 170 mg, Phosphorus 150 mg, Salt 16.7 g, Magnesium 160 mg, Potassium 3.5 g, Copper 10 mg, Iron 52 mg, Manganese 4 mg, Zinc 25 mg.