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Confidence Equine Pheromone Gel (10 packets)

by Ceva
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Size: 6mL

Confidence EQ is designed to help reduce stress in your horse. It replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal. Based onthe science of pheromone communication, Confidence EQ speaks to your horse in a language they instinctually understand. Confidence EQ is recommended for horses of all ages. It is used to help build confidence in horses that are faced with new or troubling situations, including: traveling/trailering/recovery after arrival, environmental changes (moving to a new stable, going indoors/outdoors, new owner/caretaker), training events/new exercises, social situations (foal weaning, meeting new stable mates or pasture mates), healthcare procedures (farrier visits, veterinary visits, dental visits), or dealing with loud noises (large crowds, thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, motor vehicles). Contains 10 single-use packets per box. Each single-use packet contains 5mL of gel.

Instructions: Confidence EQ works best when applied approximately 30 minutes before a stressful situation. Open a gel packet and squeeze approximately half of the contents onto your finger. No gloves are required for application. With one hand on the halter, gently apply the gel to the inside of one nostril. Repeat this process, applying the remaining contents of the gel packet to the horse's other nostril. One gel packet is one full dose for your horse. Some horses may raise their upper lip after Confidence EQ is applied. This natural behavior, called the Flehman Response, is how the horse receives and interprets the pheromones in Confidence EQ. Even if your horse doesn't display this response, Confidence EQ is still working. A single packet will last approximately two and a half hours.


Equine Appeasing Pheromones.