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Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker for Pets

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Size: 8oz

Skunk-Off eliminates skunk odors from anything that has been sprayed by a skunk. Working chemically through bonding, absorption and counteraction, it removes all traces of skunk spray from your pet's coat, clothes, cars, and homes.

  • Skunk-Off odor eliminator is safe for home and pet
  • Formulated to permanently and quickly eliminate odors caused by skunk spray
  • Works on pets and any fabrics or surfaces that have skunk odor

Instructions: For a fine spray, use short quick squeezes of the spray bottle. For a stream, use a sustained squeeze.Wipe off any visible skunk oil and lightly coat the entire affected area with a fine spray. Saturate areas which have been directly hit, using a stream. Work in thoroughly if on hair or clothing. It is essential that Skunk-Off gets into every place that the skunk spray has reached or at some later time a skunk odor may be detected. Clothing should be washed following treatment. If pretreatment (tomato juice, shampoo, etc.) has occurred, dissolve one (1) full bottle of Skunk-Off in two (2) quarts of warm water and completely saturate the animal or article. Repeat if any skunk odor remains.

Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.