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MalAcetic Ultra Otic Cleanser for Dogs, Cats & Horses

by Dechra
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Size: 2oz

MalAcetic Ultra Otic Cleanser is an ear cleanser used as a drying agent in dogs, cats and horses with inflamed and infected ears due to bacterial and fungal (yeast) infections. Ketoconazole and hydrocortisone soothe and treat itching, inflamed ears while ceramides aid in moisturizing, repairing and restoring dry, damaged skin.

  • Drying agent for ear infections in cats, dogs and horses
  • Relieves inflammation and itchy ears
  • Balances pH while degreasing and deordorizing ear canal

Instructions: Shake well. Apply to the ear canal and gently, but firmly, massage the base of the ear. Use a cotton ball to remove excess solution. Repeat as necessary or as directed by your veterinarian. Close cap tightly.

2% boric acid, 1% acetic acid, 1% hydrocortisone, 0.15% ketoconazole, ceramides. Also contains: propylene glycol, glycerin, polysorbate, fragrance.