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For-Bid Coprophagia Deterrent for Animals (12 Packets)

by Alpar
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For-Bid Coprophagia Deterrent for Animals (12 packets)

For-Bid is a purified protein feed for animals that is intended to stop stool eating. When ingested, For-Bid travels through the gastrointestinal tract and imparts an unappetizing taste to stool. Upon tasting the stool, the animal will notice the unpleasantness and should discard it. As this association is reinforced, the stool eating should cease. Made in the USA. 12 packets.

Key Features:

  • For-Bid stops coprophagy (pets eating stool)
  • Vegetable protein and sodium glutamate work in the digestive system to give stools a bad taste
  • Does not alter the normal digestive process of the animal
  • Simply sprinkle on pet's food


For large dogs 20-100 lbs, sprinkle the contents of packet on the dog food two times per day (morning and night) for 5-6 days. This will usually curb coprophagia for months, often permanently. For small dogs or puppies, 3-20 lbs administer 1/4 packet two times per day (morning and night) for 5 days. Cats should be fed 1/4 packet one time per day for 4-5 days. When a dog is eating other dog's stool, or those from a cat's litter box, it is recommended to treat both animals with For-Bid to curb this habit. *If coprophagia recurs after the initial dosage; give 1 gram per day for 2-3 weeks as necessary.