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Puppy Kong Large (30 - 65 lbs.)

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Kong Puppy Kong is an amazing, sturdy plaything for teething puppies made from a rubber formulation that is gentle on puppy gums yet relieves teething troubles. The toy lessens sore gums while it promotes the development of strong jaws and inculcates right chewing habits. The incredibly bouncy Kong Puppy Kong comes in the shape of the original Kong for adult dogs and has that special cranny where you can hide treats for your little pooch. It is a must for every puppy owner.

  • Freeze to soothe painful gums due caused by teething
  • Kong Puppy Kong is easy to clean and lasts really long
  • Stuff with KONG treats or Ziggies to aid in crate training, decrease separation anxiety, promote proper chewing behavior and deter misbehavior

Instructions: Make sure you buy the right size for your puppy. Designed for puppies aged 2-9 months; thereafter replace with adult Kong.


Ingredients: Rubber.