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TrizChlor Flush for Dogs and Cats

by Dechra
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Size: 4oz

TrizChlor Flush is a multi-cleanse antibacterial flush solution. It is useful in the management of small wounds, cuts, and abrasions. TrizChlor Flush contains Chlorhexidine which is shown to support appropriate granulation tissue formation which helps your pet's wound to heal quickly and safely.

  • Safe for use with middle ear infections
  • Works well with allergies and other skin irritations
  • Antimicrobial and antibiotic properties treat mixed infections and treatment-resistant infections

Instructions: Shake well before use.  For use as an ear flush, apply to the ear canal, gently but firmly, massage the base of the ear. For use on skin, squeeze flush over the affected area, use a cotton ball to remove excess solution. For either use, repeat as necessary or as directed by your veterinarian. Be sure to close the cap tightly.

0.15% Chlorhexidene Gluconate, TrizEDTA (tromethamine USP, disodium EDTA dihydrate), and deionized water