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MalAcetic Ultra Leave In Conditioner Spray

by Dechra
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Size: 8oz

MalAcetic Ultra Conditioner Spray is a topical, antifungal, and antibacterial leave-on conditioner for dogs, cats and horses.

  • Contains Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone
  • Supports healthy skin for animals with bacterial and/or fungal skin conditions
  • Hydrocortisone helps promote relief of itchy skin
  • Ceramides aid in moisturizing, repairing, and restoring dry, damaged skin

Instructions: Shake well. For dry application - apply directly to skin and haircoat and allow to dry. For wet application or after shampooing - remove excess moisture and apply directly to skin and haircoat. Use as often as desired or as directed by veterinarian.

2% acetic acid, 2% boric acid, silicone, glycerin, sodium lactate, safflower oil (linoleic acid), fragrance.