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Oratene Drinking Water Additive for Dental Care

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Size: 4oz

Oratene Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive is flavorless and provides a safe, healthy way to conveniently clean your pet’s teeth without brushing. Oratene contains two natural enzyme systems that help remove plaque and inhibit odor causing bacteria.

  • Safe and gentle for dogs and cats of every age
  • Does not contain alcohol, antibiotics, xylitol or chlorhexidine
  • Formerly known as Biotene Drinking Water Additive

Instructions: Add 4 pumps per approx. 1 qt. (4cups) of drinking water for first 2 weeks of use. Thereafter, reduce to maintenance dosage of 2 pumps per approx. 1 qt. To assure maximum effectiveness, Oratene Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive should be added to fresh drinking water daily. Best used with every water change.


Ingredients: Glycerine, Sorbitol, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Rosemary Extract, Sodium Chloride, Zinc Chloride, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Glucose Oxidase, Potassium Thiocyanate, Mutanase, Dextranase.