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Actistatin Extra Strength for Large Dogs

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Size: 60ct

This comprehensive and unique combination of ingredients specifically targets joint, bone and soft tissues; helps to fight free-radicals and inflammation; and provides beneficial antioxidants and fatty acids for improved health and recovery. The patented GLC Formula of all four bioavailable glucosamine forms (HCL, NaCl, 2KCl, N-Acetyl D), chondroitin, ascorbate, and manganese provides the most effective oral tissue modifier available today.

Actistatin is fortified with resveratrol, powerful antioxidants, enzymes and essential fatty acids that target superior joint care. Nourishes Cartilage Soft Tissue Fights Free Radicals Inflammation Delicious Soft Chew Dual Patent Protected No Loading Dose.


31-50 lbs 1 chew a day
51-100 lbs 2 chews a day
+101 lbs 3 chews a day


Active ingredients (per chew)

• GLC formula, 1500 mg
• Actistatin, 55 mg
• CMO, 100 mg
• MSM, 100 mg
• Type-II Collagen, 40 mg
• L-Carnatine, 10 mg
• Bromelain, 10 mg
• Resveratrol, 5 mg
• Grape seed extract, 5 mg
• Flaxseed oil (DHA, ALA, EPA Omega 3-6), 400 mg
• Soybean Oil (LA Omega 3-6), 400 mg
• Marine Lipid concentrate (Omega-3-6-9), 300 mg