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Diawin Tablets For Runny Stools

Diawin Tablets For Runny Stools

"My fur baby is having lose stools and an upset tummy. What should I do?"


Diawin Tablets are our top selling product especially for runny stools! This product is made with activated charcoal which is made from heating natural carbon resources, like wood and coconut shells, at high temperatures of 600 to 900 degrees Celsius to make black charcoal.

Some key benefits include: 

  • Helps manage nonspecific diarrhea symptoms in dogs
  • Begins working within 24 hours
  • Relieves associated abdominal cramps
  • Soothes indigestion
  • Inhibits nausea and upset stomach

Diawin Tablets are available on our website for a 100ct and a 1000ct.

We always encourage pet owners to consult their veterinarians to see if taking certain supplements are the right move for your pet.

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